Welcome to Moving Air, the home of Peregrine Andrews and the Moving Air studio. Sound is my business: TV and film dubs, radio documentaries and drama, sound design for commercials, museums and art installations. Whatever.
Aged 7 I saw Coppola's film "The Conversation". It made me want to manipulate sound and tangle cables.  I got a job at the BBC and tangled cables for money, eventually working as a recording engineer, mainly on live music gigs. These included three festivals in Glastonbury and Three Tenors in Italy. After 6 years I left the BBC and set up Moving Air, specializing in audio post-production. Since then I've delivered broadcast audio to all the main UK radio and TV networks and mixed a few films. Most of my TV experience is in documentary and comedy. I've worked on hundreds of programmes for BBC Radio 4, experimental drama for Radio 3 and music documentaries for BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 and 1Xtra. I also make the odd documentary myself.
The studio is in my home in an easy-to-reach part of West London. It's spacious, acoustically-treated and air-conditioned. It's primarily for mixing, but I routinely record ADR, light voice-over and foley - even the occasional radio drama. The room is set up for 5.1 surround and has Source Connect for linking live with other studios.
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Oct 12,2014
The Eternal Moment (Radio Drama)
In August 2014 we recorded a new radio drama for ABC Australia, written by Peter Blegvad and Iain Chambers. This is the first full radio drama recording made at Moving Air, featuring actors John Ramm ..
Sep 22,2014
The Sound of Sport(s) - now on 99 Percent Invisible
The documentary I made in 2011 for BBC Radio 4, with Falling Tree is now available as a podcast from the very interesting 99% Invisible people
Sep 22,2014
Frieze Art Fair
I helped Kristin Oppenheim with her sound installation at the Frieze Art fair in London, October 2014 Greengrassi Gallery's Davide Minuti (pictured below) and I assembled an 8-track playback system..
Jul 12,2014
Studio Refurb
The studio now has the benefit of air-conditioning, and very effective secondary glazing for isolation from external noise. Cool and quiet is what we want.
If you are interested in working with us, please email pez email Or Call call me