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The Eternal Moment (Radio Drama)

In August 2014 we recorded a new radio drama for ABC Australia, written by Peter Blegvad and Iain Chambers. This is the first full radio drama recording made at Moving Air, featuring actors John Ramm and Emma Powell. Iain then assembled a very rich and layered piece which he brought back to the studio to mix in September. The finished result can be heard here

Frieze Art Fair

I helped Kristin Oppenheim with her sound installation at the Frieze Art fair in London, October 2014

Greengrassi Gallery’s Davide Minuti (pictured below) and I assembled an 8-track playback system for Kristin Oppenheim’s latest sound work, “where did you sleep last night?”, and installed it in Regent’s Park for the Frieze art fair. This wasn’t easy. The weatherproof box containing the computer and amplifier had to be about 20m from the loudspeakers and we had to bury all the cables. And then there was rain to cope with. But once assembled, the effect of standing in the middle of the eight waterproof loudspeakers is quite magical. You are enveloped by sound. It feels as if you are inside a room, and yet there are no visible walls, and the wind plays across your face.


We covered the speakers with bin bags to make them look less interesting in the days before the show opened (the area is public and not well secured). Or maybe they look MORE interesting.


Studio Refurb

The studio now has the benefit of air-conditioning, and very effective secondary glazing for isolation from external noise. Cool and quiet is what we want.